Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Unwritten Laws of WoW, Now Written!

Well, my blog basically got hijacked by WoW, seeing as it's the only thing bringing traffic to it. I decided to continue on the subject, and as I was struggling to get to bed last night, I thought of all the funny subjects I'd come accross while playing World of Warcraft for 3 years.

Here's the list of the Unwritten Laws of World of Warcraft, hope you enjoy the read.

  • There will be no "WoW killer" in the future, too many people have spent hours on end just to give up for another game.
  • Ironforge and Orgrimmar will be laggy to most people during peek hours.
  • Chuck Norris lives in Barrens Chat.
  • 90% of Girls who play WoW play either a female druid or female priest.
  • The last 10% of independents need to conform, cause we all know the healer is a dying breed, both figuratively and in pvp.
  • Leeroy Jenkins had some chicken.
  • Even if your volume is off, murlocs will still go "mrghrlrlrlrlglrlglrlmglrl"
  • The Murloc + Random Movie combination will live on in WoW.
  • Gnomes shouldn't be able to be warriors.
  • There will be at least a couple of posts a day in the forums about OP classes, because for scissors, paper is ok, but rock is OP.
  • Hunters are OP. My Warlock was OP enough, but getting 3 shotted by hunters was annoying.
  • The World.... of Warcraft is overpopulated with UD rogues.
  • Most people who ninja items are rogues.
  • In a fight between Pirates and Ninjas (rogues) in WoW, Ninjas would win, because there are a ton of them, and they can get to level 70, while pirates stay at a lowly 40 range and have to live in Stranglethorn.
  • In a fight between Pirates and Ninjas in the real world, Chuck Norris would win.
  • Ventrilo owns Teamspeak, plain and simple.
  • If you use teamspeak and read that, it means switch to ventrilo.
  • On average, 20% of people AFK in AV.
  • On average, alliance will own AV.
  • Murlocs run fast.
  • The best feature of Wrath of the Lich King are the new dances. Everyone needs a new dance.
  • The worst part of being horde in PvP is getting killed by a gnome warrior with pink hair, then that warrior /lol'n at your corpse.
  • If you're horde, and you go to hillsbrad, you will 100% get your ass ganked by higher levels with no lives.
  • Most people who post nerf threads in forums just hate to admit that they lost to a more superior player.
  • You're only as good as the gear you have in WoW.
  • Blood Elves are hotter than Night Elves.
  • WoW is addictive, and can cause loss of friends, ruined grades, and sometimes even death.
  • Nihilum can kill a new boss ALMOST as fast as George W. Bush can ruin the republican party and U.S. reputation.
  • Male Orc's dance is the best. MC Hammer ftw!
  • People only roll paladins so they can simutamously watch porn and kill a mob.
  • Chuck Norris can do that, and not give up DPS.
  • Getting keyed for Karazhan sucks monkey nuts.
  • Female Dwarfs are fugly beyond belief.
  • If you raid for more than 4 hours a day, you probably hate it.
  • Blizzard is doing a good job of pumping out updates and patches, considering it took them 2 years to release 1.11 for D2.
  • Twink items are waaayyy too expensive.
  • Deathcoil = I win button.
  • World of Warcrack will live on, I'll have children that'll probably be playing it.

If you want me to add something, post a comment and I'll see if I can edit it in. Hope you enjoyed the read. Tell your friends and guildies if you enjoyed it.


Anonymous said... true about female dwarves

joey said...

lol naa no need to add anyting .... pretty much covers it all ;)

joey said...

lol naa no need to add anyting .... pretty much covers it all ;)

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