Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why There Won't Be A "WoW Killer"

World of Warcraft, the most populated MMO in the history of MMOs. People around forums, gaming websites, and my own friends always rate a new or an upcoming MMO based on it.

"Is it a 'WoW Killer'?"
That's the question most people ask when a new MMO is announced for release.

The Answer? In my Opinion NO. Why not? Read on.

  • WoW is a good, addictive game. A lot of people play it for that reason.
  • WoW's population grows exponentially. You get the average Joe to play it, he likes it, he tells 3 more average Joe's, and the pattern continues. Word of mouth helped a lot with this game's growth.
  • Too many people have spent too many hours on it to go to another game. I personally didn't play for 3 years just to throw it away for another game. If that does happen, that game better be sometime SOOOOO good, that it blows me away.
  • 8 million people play it. Would you rather play a game that's been in existence for three years and has a large fan base, or go to a new game that may accumulate at most 2 or 3 million people? Thought so...
  • Never-ending source of content. Patches and expansions make the game expandable and new again. Whether your a veteran who spends 6 hours a day honing your skills and killing raid bosses, or just a fresh face, the game will feel fresh to you.
We won't get a WoW killer unless a game is good enough to top the population of World of Warcraft. Plain and simple.

Top contenders in the future, at least in my opinion are Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, or Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. Check 'em out if you're tired of World of Warcrack.