Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why There Won't Be A "WoW Killer"

World of Warcraft, the most populated MMO in the history of MMOs. People around forums, gaming websites, and my own friends always rate a new or an upcoming MMO based on it.

"Is it a 'WoW Killer'?"
That's the question most people ask when a new MMO is announced for release.

The Answer? In my Opinion NO. Why not? Read on.

  • WoW is a good, addictive game. A lot of people play it for that reason.
  • WoW's population grows exponentially. You get the average Joe to play it, he likes it, he tells 3 more average Joe's, and the pattern continues. Word of mouth helped a lot with this game's growth.
  • Too many people have spent too many hours on it to go to another game. I personally didn't play for 3 years just to throw it away for another game. If that does happen, that game better be sometime SOOOOO good, that it blows me away.
  • 8 million people play it. Would you rather play a game that's been in existence for three years and has a large fan base, or go to a new game that may accumulate at most 2 or 3 million people? Thought so...
  • Never-ending source of content. Patches and expansions make the game expandable and new again. Whether your a veteran who spends 6 hours a day honing your skills and killing raid bosses, or just a fresh face, the game will feel fresh to you.
We won't get a WoW killer unless a game is good enough to top the population of World of Warcraft. Plain and simple.

Top contenders in the future, at least in my opinion are Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, or Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. Check 'em out if you're tired of World of Warcrack.


Anonymous said...

*COUGH WOW FAN BOY COUGH* ...sorry allergies.. > >

Dan said...

Well I myself quit wow about 3 months ago now, and have no intention of going back... Now for me to disprove each of your reasons.

1. If it is addictive then why, after playing since launch, was I able to give it up? Read on...
2. Wow's population is indeed growing, in both points two and four you make it sound like a good thing. Let's pretend wow is a rollercoaster built to hold 20 people, that's great, but is that rollercoaster really all that fun when you're crammed in with 99 others? Overpopulation and the average IQ of 3 that most people on Wow seem to have is another reason I left.
3. I had a 70, a 59, a 60, and several level 40 characters, I threw them away pretty easy. Although really I didn't, because they are still there should the game you go to try out end up being a flop
4. A never-ending source of content? How long did the Sunwell patch take to release? A LONG TIME, and then it's just like every other raid you've ever been on.
5. Truth is all Blizzard do is add to the high level content, make you work for it, and then take it away from you in the next expansion, making you do it all again... and again... and again... Perfect time to quit after Blizzard have stripped you of your epics and handed you a green sword with better stats.
6. Also, making alts in wow is just... Ugh, you have to do the same thign over and over again. I remember making alts while I used to play SWG, different quests every time almost, and an entirely new environment on a different planet. Why did I leave SWG? The same reason I left WoW, it's full of morons and had bad customer care (like wow).

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