Monday, August 13, 2007

World of Warcraft: Horde Grinding Guide & Tips

Grinding is one of the most effective ways to acquire experience points continuously. Though not liked by many players, with some music and determination, it can prove to be a productive way to level. Here are some tips, and places to get your grind on.

Horde Spots:
1-15: Do your normal starting area quests + some of the Barrens or Ghostlands
15-18: Barrens Harpies. Coords: (38,16)
18-22: Theramore Marines outside Norwatch Keep in the Barrens.
22-24: Hillsbrad: Durnholde Keep
24-26: Centaurs in 1k Needles (Right below the elevator, near a cave)
26-28: Centaurs in 1k Needles (Inside the cave)
28-31: Harpies in 1k Needles (East of Freewind Post, both outside and in the cave)
31-34: Shimmering Flats (Grab all the quests, do a circle multiple times and kill everything)
34-37: Venture Co. Meteorologist near the Lake in Stranglethorn Vale
37-39: Stranglethorn Vale: Murlocs outside Grom'Gol
36-42: Badlands: Rock Elemenetals
40-43: Badlands: Scalding Whelps
43-46: Wastewander humanoids in Tanaris
46-48: Ghosts in Azshara, near the border of Ashenvale
48-49: Dunemaul Ogres in Tanaris
49-51: Thistleshrubs southwest of Gadgetzan, near the entrance to Un'Goro
50-54: 1st Field in Western Plaguelands
54-56: Andorhal in WPL
56-60: Scarlet Lumberjacks in WPL or Andorhal


  • Spec for grinding. Spec the best way to have high damage and low downtime (I.E. Shadow for priests, Arms/fury for warriors, etc.)
  • Make a music playlist to accompany your grinding, it'll make it less boring.
  • If you get bored with these spots, feel free to move somewhere else, just make sure the mobs you are killing die fast enough.
  • If there are quests pertaining to killing a certain number of mobs in the area you are grinding in, pick them up, it's free exp.
  • Stray away from grinding in groups.
  • Watch your back on PvP servers, alliance are sneaky bastards.
Hope you enjoy this, I've yet to try all out grinding, but my friends and brother have had success with grinding. Don't get too bored, and good luck.