Monday, August 6, 2007

How to Give Up Playing WoW in 10 Easy Steps

This is a complete guide on how to force yourself to completely get rid of World of Warcrack from your lifestyle. Sure, I gave WoW a good review, but I did warn you countless of times not to try it if you like having a social life. Anyways, here's the list if you want your real life friends back.

1) Sell your account. Sure, it's against the Blizzard ToS, but you can still do it, after all, it's their fault you lost countless hours out of your life. You are, after all, selling the time it took you to acquire what ever you have. You'll be driven to get some money for the $15 a month you paid for the game, and after selling your account, you'll have no drive to start all over again. Use mmobay, or similar sites to sell it, stray away form ebay.

2) Uninstall the game. Simple as it sounds, many WoW players find this to be the hardest step. Just seeing your leveling, raiding, and pvping go through your mind in the form of the uninstall completion bar is enough to make an addictive fan go crazy. But go Nike, "Just Do it!"

3) This is where it gets fun. Take your game discs outside, (careful, sun might be out) grab a wooden bat, stick, flaming sword, whatever you can get your hands on, and just smash the colorful discs into pieces. While you do it, make sure to yell out these phrases:

Thanks for ruining my social life!
My GPA is ruined because of you!
My girlfriend dumped me because of you!
I gained 40 pounds in 3 years for this!

(DISCLAIMER: I'm not liable for any damages to you, mentally or physically, as well as your property)

4) Wait till your account sells, grab the money, and go buy something for your girlfriend/boyfriend, or go out with your friends. The best way to stay off of something is to do it in a group after all.

5) Do something productive with your time, keep yourself busy enough to not think about going back to that evil game. Blog. That's what I'm doing.

6) When was the last time you had exercise? Go out and do something healthy. The years of feasting on hot pockets, ramen noodles, and Del Taco couldn't have been too healthy for your body. Play sports and games with your friends, go hiking, or play DDR.

7) World of Warcraft doesn't exsist in your mind anymore. Don't visit the website, don't go on thottbot to see new items, and just block it out from your mind entirely. Get rid of bookmarked leveling guides, item look-ups, and videos. When your WoW friends call you and starts talking about it, hang up.

8) Get rid of Ventrilo. If you were a serious raider, you have it, so now is the time to let go. If you want to talk to old guildies, do it via phone or IM.

9) Get rid of all things that remind you of WoW. Just like addiction to pot, seeing anything related to it can draw you back in. Yes, that include getting rid of downloaded pvp videos, Leeroy Jenkins, probably half your closet of Jinx shirts, and screenshots of boss kills and dancing night elves.

10) What the hell is WoW again?


Board-Gamer said...

HaHa that's great!
But seriously - this the The Game of The Decade, are you sure you want to throw it all away for a few measily friends, flat stomach and a hot girl?


Game Guru said...

Don't get me wrong, WoW is a great game, great enough to take away 3 years of my life. But after those 3 years, it just got repetitive, but I still found out hard to quit, until I really thought about.

WOWISGAY said...

WOW is the biggest piece of shit to ever exist

Anonymous said...

WoW saddens me... much like most MMOs. When MMOs begin they are awesome things, mainly because everyone is a 'Newbie'... and doesnt really quite know how to make item x yet, or how to do a lvl 12 quest. It is time for adventure and discovery!

A few months down the line this always changes though. Fair enough.

But how to quit a game that is so boring? Why not walk about your house hunting random items of rubbish? Maybe a paper cup +5 water resistance? Well because that's laaame, but by every account it means 100% more to your life than 'uber fast dagger of flesh ripping', afterall you've achieved nothing from a cup, right?

The thing is with gaming is it is so easily done. You wake up, you roll into your chair, flick that switch, fall on the floor crawl to make some coffee, then login... its fiiine, 4/5 hours sleep is god, that's how much you have anyway... Just ignore the 16 hour naps you have the day after.

You have 30 mins to kill? Why not just play some game... i'll just log in quick... BAM you are late for what you were meant to do because some 'noob' enemy attacked you and you had a massive duel just before you were going to log off.

Ahhhh you're not tired... you'll just play for a bit... BAM it's 4:30 AM, you're tired but you want to carry on because you've only got 12093532489579186 XP till next level, which is 032975134981534095863204586234096 less than yesterday, and plus you have the best grind spot atm. So it will definatly be a cool idea to pull an all nighter.

You're stressed form doing all your coursework + revision, have got all your jobs out the way and have talked ot your friends and done everything you need to for the day... BUT...You dont really want to log in, becasue you think "Oh man, i just had a great time with my real friends, and i've achieved so much today". And you realise... You can do alot more for your actual life.

As i say, so easily done. I feel most sorry for young children, who succombe to this psychological evil at younger and younger ages now (much like i did, with UO original days).

These kids, who are still growing + forming their own ways are having almost none of their own input into their lives. they are growing in a world of childishness, where you are a called 'noob' for no reason at all, where people argue for no reason at all(like marriage xD). For now, it is children raising children (just as much as the parents who are 14...).

Sure this is fine, if you have a whole group of friends talking about game x 24/7. But what about when they quite / get bored / make new friends. These kids have to go intot he real world, and figure out that people dont actually act like total assholes to eachother all day (Maybe in some circle... btu that a persons choice to be in those circles).

Giving up gaming is something that require maturity to do... The abilty to assess ones self is a huge power, the ability to take action is even bigger. But all these people are trying to live lives which are like top trump cards... They dont want to see that we're much more complex than some numbers. Or at least on a card anyway.

I know this, because i was one of them. And it took me a long time to break it... infact until i actually sat and thought about what it was i was doing.

But now, i live in a house, and my housemate still plays games (he is english but always plays with americans?!). Needless to say, me and my partner are constantly woken up night by night, by him moving about the house, being loud, using the tiolet, making a meal (as he only got up at 9PM...), or even laughing at people on ventrilo.

No matter how much / nice we ask, he's only ever quiet for one night, then the next night its back to the same. He lives the life of a gamer, someone trapped in a world of coding they dont even try to understand. But most of all he makes others suffer, and why? Selfishness, because no one in the house cares about his american friends, not when they have things to be done the next day...

This man i talk about is 21, works at a supermarket, and plays games + watches DVDs all the time. It's slightly stereotypical (or alot). But it's true. Most of the time he cannot funtion properly. He replies to question with completely irrelevant answers, because he's so tired he cant concentrate. He goes to work in the same condition, albeit an hour late most days.

This is a sad, sad story, and i wish it wasnt so. But it is the way of the addicted gamer.

In my opinion, gaming was the hardest thing to give up. as when i did i had a huge.... hugehugehuge gap to fill, and what do you fill it with? As before boredom meant more games...

This article was very good, wish i'd read it long ago and paid attention :p, but you say it all in your first few sentences 'want'. Gamers have to want to stop :p .

I guess i'm jsut jelous i didnt think of this money making scheme in the first place... Just as well i'm learning now though xD.

Peace out , Dave

P.S. (sorry for the massive post)

Anonymous said...

I played WoW a LOT..

Quickest way to quit IMHO is to have a baby. Haven't even had time to sleep let alone even think about logging into wow.

Canceled my account, as i realised i just dont have time for it any more, nor will i have time in the forseeable future.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the game if you over-play. Learn to manage your time. You're all worthless and weak.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt change the fact that every second playing wow is a waste of your time, making you the one that's worthless my friend, go have sex with your hand.

Anonymous said...

lol... love your 10step guide but i came across it after i stopped playing .. only thing i have done is sold the account .. thanks for the tip!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW is harder to give up than smoking xD (Anyone who has quit both would know)

Anonymous said...

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