Sunday, August 12, 2007

Reasons You Should Watch X-Play

If you're into video gaming as much as I am, chances are, you've heard of X-play, a video game review show on G4 TV. It's personally one of my favorite shows, and here are the reasons you should watch it yourself:

  1. Great Reviews. The games they review are ones you actually care about, and the way they review it is simple, yet vast, covering game play, graphics, music, voice acting, etc. They rate at a scale out of five, and I agree with most of their reviews.
  2. All Platforms are Reviewed. Whatever your favorite current console is, X-play will review games for it. They do specials occasionally on specific consoles, but most of the time spread the love.
  3. Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. There two, unlike most video game show hosts, know what they are talking about. They are actual gamers, not paid celebrities or some random people off the "wannabe on TV" list.
  4. Wit. When the writers don't try to go over the top, most of the reviews can be witty and funny.
  5. Sketches. This show has some funny ass, memorable sketches. Some include Kratos from God of War, others are Splinter Cell related, and there are the occasional "anime hate" sketches also. I enjoy this more than the reviews sometimes.
  6. Video Viewer Mail. You can send in questions or bashings through their viewer mail, and see if you can get on the air. At the same time, some people's questions are really stupid and fun to watch, like the guy a while back who complained that Halo wasn't on the Xbox... Ah.... yeah.... make sure your questions are relevant.
Check your local listings and check out the show if you don't already watch it.