Friday, August 10, 2007

Karazhan: A Beginner's Guide

So, you've hit level 70 and want to start raiding. Hold your horses, you ain't ready to kill a single trash mob just yet. First you're gonna need to get keyed to for Karazhan, and it ain't exactly as easy as grabbing that fragment in BRD for Molten Core attunement. Well, here are the things you and your guildies need to do before stepping into Karazhan.

Getting Keyed
-Completed Durnholde Keep in the Caverns of Time
-Level 70
-Flying Mount or Flight Form
-Key to Shadow Labyrinth and Arcatraz (or a rogue with 350+ Lockpicking)

1) Travel to Karazhan in Deadwind Pass, and pick up the two quests from Alturus, who is standing right outside the front gate, Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity which you do in the immediate area. When you finish, turn them in, and get to follow up, which send you to Dalaran.

2) Dalaran is located in Hillsbrad if you forgot, so head over there. Talk to Archmage Cedric, who is standing between the bubble and the river. He gives you another follow up, which sends you to Khadgar in Shattrath.

3) Khadgar is smack dab in the middle of Shattrath. Talk to him, and pick up the quest Entry Into Karazhan. This quest sends you to pick up the first key fragment from Shadow Labyrinth, located in Auchindoun.

4) Travel to Shadow Labyrinth (one of your party members will need a key, or use a rogue to LP the lock). The fragment is at the end of the instance, near Murmur. Once you open the container, a mob will spawn, kill it quickly and grab the fragment.

5) Go back to Khadgar, and turn in the quest. Pick up the follow-up, which sets you out to collect the 2nd and 3rd key fragments. The 2nd one is located in Steamvaults, at the bottom of the pool near the first boss. Open the container, kill the spawn, grab your fragment, and you can leave then, or continue through the instance to get some loot.

6) The 3rd key fragment is in Arcatraz, one of the Tempest Keep instances located in Netherstorm. It will require that you have a flying mount to get to the instance. It's about 1/3 of the way inside the instance, right next to a wall on the 2nd floor. Yet again, open the container, kill the spawn, and grab the last fragment.

7) Go back to Khadgar, turn in the fragments, and grab the follow-up. This sends you to the Caverns of Time, located in Tanaris. Here you have to protect Medivh, as waves of mobs try to stop him from opening the portal. Complete it and head back to Khadgar.

8) Khadgar will now give you [The Master's Key] and sends you back to the Violet Eye members outside Karazhan to begin your Karazhan quests and killing frenzy.

Stat Suggestions Per Class Before Entering Karazhan:
(If you're a bit lower, that's fine, these are just SUGGESTIONS)

Holy Priest: 1000+ Healing
400 or so Spirit
7-8k Mana Pool

Warriors: 12k Health At least
470 + Defense
12k Armor
50% Avoidance

Bear Druid: 13k Health
30%+ Dodge
20k Armor
415 + Defense

Rogues: 1.2k AP
20% Crit Chance
120+ Hit Rating

Mage: Around 700+ Spell Dmg of Your Choice (Fire or Ice)
Around 15-20% Crit

Warlocks: Around 700+ Shadow Dmg
15% Crit (If you're Destro)

Holy Pally: 8.5k mana
1000 healing
65 mana regen

Resto Shaman: 8k Mana
900 + Healing
110 MP5 when not casting

Resto Druid: 8k Mana
1k + Healing
110 MP5 when not casting

Hunters: 1k AP
15-20% Crit
Ability to trap and kite

Tips For Everyone:
-Bring enough consumables for themselves (i.e. potions, buffing pots, bandages)
-Listen to your raid leader
-Watch vids of various boss fights (Youtube)
-Don't get discouraged on wipes, it'll happen, get used to it.
-Enjoy yourself in there.
-Communicate, it will save you.
-Make sure you have enough money everyday for repair bills, at least for the first attempts on each boss.

There you go, you should be set for Karazhan, I wish you, and your guild good luck in future raiding, enjoy!

P.S. Link this to up and coming Guildies as well!


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